Coaching at the "Kochhöfen" near Kitzbühel

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Autonomy as a Key Success Factor

The word autonomy (derived from the Greek "autos" = self and "nomos" = law) literally means "setting ones own laws". Today, the word primarily refers to (and is understood to mean) "self efficacy."

Autonomy Training is a deeply rooted evolutionary approach and a highly effective method for leading a self-directed life. In 2004, Christine Edenstrasser studied this training method with founder, developer and book author Dr Robert Langlotz in Munich.

Every healthy adult has the potential for autonomy. Nevertheless, autonomy touches upon a fundamental evolutionary conflict: The contradiction between two sets of life-long basic needs: closeness and a feeling of security as opposed to freedom and independence.


"Every human life begins as an intense symbiosis of maximum dependence which lasts as long as we are carried by our mothers. Symbiosis means that two live together for mutual benefit but lose a part of their individuality. As our lives progress, we constantly and unconsciously participate in no-longer-necessary or dysfunctional symbiotic circumstances, be they private or professional."

Autonomy Training helps to illustrate this conflict and trains the "this as well as that" approach to openness. Those who are autonomous master the balance between closeness and distance to others.

One key to understanding autonomy is the factor of resilience, in other words the ability to remain in control in spite of internal or external disruptive factors.

Professor Dr Helmut Kaspar of the Vienna University of Economics and Business has the following to say about personal and organisational resilience:

"It is the ability of individuals or enterprises to block the influence of disturbances and to maintain, or in some cases to even increase, effectiveness in spite of stressors."

Autonomy Training helps to increase, train, rediscover or further develop this resiliency.

Autonomy Training topics:

  • Separations both professional & the private
  • The potential of family origins
  • Families and "patchwork" conflicts
  • Mobbing at work & school
  • Hierarchy topics

The goal: Setting boundaries without putting up walls & making communication possible without exposing oneself more than necessary.



Coaching at the "Kochhöfen" near Kitzbühel